What it’s like working for a top global employer of record

You might know what a global employer of record is, but do you know what it’s like working for one that is ranked in the top global providers?

As mentioned in the SIA Daily News, CXC Global North America recently welcomed new team member, Javier Romeu as a Global Solutions Manager. Javier is a seasoned, solution-oriented executive with a range of diverse expertise and global experience directing account management, operations, sales, global deployment, consultative business strategy, and business development for Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

Here’s what Javier had to say about his journey with CXC Global so far.

“As most of you know by now, I started my new role with CXC Global as a Global Solutions Manager – Americas on January 4, 2021. Goodbye 2020!

Looking back at my first month at CXC Global, I am amazed not just at how fast it blew by, but at the amazing human group I just joined!

I have been in the global employment outsourcing business now for almost a decade.  In the past I’ve worked for four major companies in this space. Prior to that I’ve had many years in the technology industry. In my career, I have seen a lot and come to appreciate  and distinguish, honest leadership compared to self-centered, fake approaches from bosses. I have to say I am impressed by the leadership and how CXC is run here in the United States and around the rest of the world!


Everyone is allowed, and I would say encouraged, to participate and comment on issues that affect us. I appreciate the culture of inclusion. Most importantly, I see a lot of respect for what each does and the flexibility of treating everyone as a family member.

This does not by any means promote a slack atmosphere. On the contrary, each person is expected to produce and stay on top of our tasks. There is accountability!

Client Approach

Already I’ve had the chance to participate in several calls with customers and prospects.  The team passionately and professionally explained how our compliance and global workforce solutions help our clients. There is no hyperbole or augmenting of the truth with phony examples. It’s just an honest explanation of how we help our clients.

The approach to clients is one of curiosity. The client’s needs are of the utmost importance. We aim to understand their needs, rather than making them fit to our standards. We adapt and remain flexible to fit their needs. I am sure customers appreciate this!”


“As a newcomer to CXC, I can see how their 29 years in business gives them a wealth of experience to draw from when dealing with their clients around the world, and the tenure of their staff speaks for itself.”

CXC Global has 165 team members in over 30 CXC in-country offices. CXC was ranked #1 number for global footprint – per Staffing Industry Analysts SIA 2020 Compliance Landscape survey.

“I am looking forward to continuing in this journey in the months and years ahead, and provide my support, helping companies as they expand around the world as a part of the CXC Global team!”

CXC’s clients and partners will benefit from Javier’s expansive global knowledge in the professional employment outsourcing environment and his professional approach.

About CXC Global

At CXC Global we strive to create a culture where we value our staff, their experience, commitment to detail and willingness to both learn and educate others. Being in the global payments business, compliance is a critical part of our business. We believe he tenure of our local and global teams is a testament to the leadership and culture of the company.


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