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Amplifying Your Talent Pool

With our extensive experience managing talent resources in IT and technology fields around the world, CXC Talent has developed a competitive advantage through:

  1. Strategically optimizing the quality and quantity of candidates
  2. Our first-hand knowledge of the talent market, helping attract and engage candidates, while ensuring successful placements
  3. Our transparent partnership approach, delivering you greater control over the talent pipeline

Our extensive range of services can be customised to suit your precise needs, and includes:

  • Tech/IT talent sourcing
  • Tech/IT role placement
  • Tech hiring trends and insights
  • Centralisation of tech recruitment suppliers
  • Hiring tech talent in quantity
  • Contract management
  • Payroll/employment administration
  • Employee onboarding

At CXC Talent, we understand the challenges you face in identifying the right candidates for permanent and contract IT roles – a process becoming increasingly costly and time-consuming with the current skills shortage. Our consultants have a proven track record in helping businesses identify, engage, manage and retain top-tier talent, ensuring you hire best-fit, quality talent.

Our experience gives us confidence to successfully align our solutions to your needs, and talent drivers. Firm believers that a businesses is only as strong as its employees; we are committed to identifying the right talent for your all your staffing requirements. With a strong global presence and unique talent pool, we are a partner of choice for many.

CXC Talent is your one-stop solution for all technology talent management solutions.