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CXC Talent specialises in identifying best-in-class career opportunities, for both permanent and contract professionals interested in Tech-focused roles and selecting top-tier talent to meet client staffing needs.

At CXC Talent, we do not want to build a future of work; we want to build a future that works. For everyone.

Firm believers that a business is only as strong as its employees, our goal is to support professionals who are looking for new career opportunities and want to have the best possible experience when engaging with organisations. Our dedicated team of consultants have a proven track record in:

  • Matching candidates with their dream job by leveraging their technical experience and skills, learning potential and personal values.
  • Helping businesses identify, engage, manage and retain top-tier talent, ensuring you hire best-fit, quality talent.

Jobs We Recruit



Business Systems Analysts

Business/Systems Analysts

System Database Admin

System/Database Admin



Data Engineering and Data Science

Data Engineering and Data Science

Developers and programmers

Developers & Programmers

Engineers Hardware software network

Engineers (Hardware/ Software/Network)

IT Support help desk

IT Support/
Help Desk

IT Management

IT Management



Product Management and Development

Product Management & Development

Programme and project management

Programme & Project Management

Tech Sales Pre and Post

Tech Sales (Pre & Post)



Tech Leaders

Tech Leaders

Technical Writing

Technical Writing

Testing & Quality Assurance

Testing & Quality Assurance

Web Development & Production

Web Development & Production

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